Welcome to Money Works

Susan Bradshaw is a Qualified Financial Adviser and has worked in Financial Services for the last 10 years. Susan has seen quite a number of changes in the industry and can say her aim back then is still the same as it is today, she thrives on saving people money. 

With Moneyworks you will find practical, unbiased, and easy to understand financial advice that is Free. As an Independent Financial Adviser I give the best advice for the client. I do not sell products and servicing, I help people plan for the future they want and prevent the future they don’t want, by offering Free Budgeting Advice, the 10 Year Mortgage plan and I shop the market to get you a better insurance policy than the one you have in place and at a cheaper premium. With regards to pensions and Annual Voluntary Contributions I strive to switch people into low fund charges and high allocation rates so the client is maximizing the benefits of their contributions.

Have you ever heard of a 10 year Mortgage? Our clients have and they are looking forward to being free of mortgage debt as early as age 40. We come up with ways to Save you Money therefore there are no fees when we call to your home and we are not blindsighted by comission. Our ethics are based on giving you good advice and what we get in return is your family your friends your collegues as you cant wait to tell everyone your good news.   


Moneyworks is regulated by the central bank of Ireland.
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