I’m Susan and I hold a QFA, Dip. Personal Insolvency and a Dip in Personal General Insurance.

I have been working in Financial Services for close to 20 years between Life, Pensions and Mortgage’s.

The main reason I set up Money Works as an independent broker was due to my first experience acquiring Life Assurance products. I recalled the difficulties I had setting up life products following the birth of my first child.

As a new Mom I quickly realised that I needed a lot more life cover for my expanding family, now that, there was a baby to protect. And I found I simply couldn’t trust what I was being told by insurance companies or agents as their advice differed substantially. The advice differed soo much depending on, what company you contacted. It differed again if you got speaking to an agent or a self employed agent or even from broker to broker. Not all brokers are the same, as some specialise in Investments, Pensions or just Mortgages. And some even charge a fee.

I knew then that it was definitely a bit of a mine field, and that was from someone who already operated in the industry. So I decided that I would make the process easier for others seeking value for money on Life Cover, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection and Pensions.

MoneyWorks is now a family business, my husband and my sister are involved behind the scenes and even my 10 year old Son helps out at promotional events….never too young to learn about Life Insurance.

At MoneyWorks you will be treated like one of the family we won’t charge you fee’s we won’t make you deal with us only online, if that’s not your preference. We will give you choice and we respect your decision. We will give you a full comparison quotes of your chosen product, answer any questions that you have as we believe it’s important that you are supported to make your own informed decisions.

Why do we do all this extra work when we could just copy everyone else? Because…we love what we do and we know that happy clients equate to clients for life…Win Win for everyone.