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Income Protection

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Income Protection or Sick Pay Insurance

Life cover provides a financial cushion if you die, critical illness does the same if you suffer a severe illness, but what if you can’t work due to illness or injury? How will you replace your income? The way it was explained to me what I first took my income protection in my 20’s was if you had a machine in your garage that printed money would you insure it? And I was sold. I am still that money machine, only now , I’m supporting more than just myself and I insure my home, my car and I still insure that money machine. Another plus is the tax relief so that’s 20% or 40% tax relief off the premiums.

What’s Your Biggest Asset?
No, it’s not your house. It’s your ability to earn a living and if your bringing home €3000 per month net over the next 40 years of your working life, well that’s a whopping € 1,440,000 and that’s much more than the average price of a family home in 2020.

How Does Sick Pay Work?
So you’ve checked your employers sick pay scheme and its doesn’t exist or its payable for the first 2 weeks and then your on your own,,.. neither of these are good news for you. Well it could be worst you could be self employed and get none at all!!! In 2018 the government announced that the self employed can avail of Invalidity Pension if unable to work. But not many know that to qualify for Invalidity Pension you need to prove to the Department of Social Protection that you are unable to work, ever again!! Not, so good after all. It’s really back to safe guarding yourself. If your self employed or PAYE the buck stops with you. Income Protection is what’s on offer in terms of replacing your income in the event of sickness accident or injury. The main plus with this Sick Pay insurance is the tax relief. You will be able to claim 20% or 40% income tax relief off the premiums. The policy will pay out a regular income to replace your earnings if your out of work. You select the payout but the maximum you can insure is 75% of your income and if needed the benefit will keep paying out until your selected retirement age 60,65,70. Why only cover maximum of 75%? Well the insurer needs to incentivise you to return to work…can’t be happy all your life. Read below to see most prevalent sick pay claims where in 2018. The majority are Mental Illness and Back Pain…very interesting reading.

More Reasons Why you need Sick Pay Insurance:

  • A guaranteed premium – once accepted, your premium won’t rise
  • A discount if you’re a non-smoker
  • A waiver on your premium while you’re getting your benefit
  • Tax relief on your premiums


  • All occupations on an “own occupation basis”
  • Cover is continued even if you change jobs


  • Wide choice of deferred payment periods
  • Freedom to top up your policy to get additional cover

Expert advice

  • We provide a comprehensive claims service to help you get back to work.
  • Best Doctors ® Second Medical Opinion service: an exclusive benefit available from the first day of your protection cover, at no additional cost.
  • As our customer you get access to Aviva Family Care which is a counselling and support service provided by Workplace Options. This service provides access to short term counselling and carer support information services at no extra cost.