mortgage protection

Mortgage Protection

Dual Life not Joint Life
From €10 per month
Free Best Doctors
Free Helping Hand

Why choose Mortgage Protection?

With Mortgage Protection you can enjoy a range of features that give you excellent value for money and cover you can rely on:

  • Get covered for as little as €10 a month (including 1% Government levy) - Our premiums are some of the most affordable in Ireland.
  • Enjoy double the cover at no extra cost - Get Dual Life Mortgage Protection (can pay out twice) for the same price as Joint Life.
  • Get one month's free cover - Your cover begins straight away, but your payments don't start until the first month has passed.
  •  Conversion Option - Convert your policy to another for just an extra 5% in premium.
  • Special Events Increase Benefit - This gives you the option to increase your level of cover* without providing further medical evidence if you increase your mortgage, get married, have or adopt a child.

Of course, I offer lots of other helpful extras too, such as my Helping Hand service feature. Full details as well as the terms and conditions which apply are contained in the relevant policy conditions booklet or else get in contact with me to find out more.