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Multi Claim Serious Illness

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Multi Claim Royal London

Getting protection that suits your needs is important, and so is the price you pay for it - but that's not all. In addition to being competitively priced, Royal London’s Multi Claim product provides you with some valuable features:

  • It has the potential to pay out multiple times over the lifetime of your policy
  • It gives you cover for the impact of a serious illness such as having a heart attack or receiving cancer treatment.
  • It also covers other life impacts, for instance, a long hospital stay such as after a serious road traffic accident or serious surgeries like a hip replacement.
  • Life cover is inbuilt into the policy.
  • You can also choose to add extra life cover if needed.
  • This policy can pay out 5% to 100% of your cover (your original sum assured when you take out your
  • policy) depending on the illness or condition. This means for less serious illnesses or treatments, it will pay out potentially less than 100% of your cover, keeping the rest of your cover in place for any future,
  • more severe illnesses. For illnesses or treatments that have a more serious impact, it pays out a higher amount.
  • After a claim, your monthly payments (premium) will not change.
  • Children's cover and premature birth cover included.
  • Helping Hand service - Available at no extra cost, this support service can help your family (your spouse/partner and children) through a difficult time if you're diagnosed with a serious illness or pass away.