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Serious Illness

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Serious Illness the BIGGER RISK??

Serious Illness pay out a tax free lump sum payment to you or your family if you get a diagnosis of a serious illness after 14 days.

At MoneyWorks we will ensure you get the same amount of Life cover for free if you select a serious illness plan from 2020.

You probably consider dying to be one of the biggest risks you’ll face. And to protect your family you might have life insurance in place. If you do, it’s a great first step. If you die within the term of your cover, you are covered. If you don’t die, you are not covered. It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple. While death comes to us all, it’s serious illness that perhaps is our biggest risk. In fact, you are much more likely to suffer from Cancer, a Heart Attack, or a Stroke before age 65 than you are to die.*

And what if you do become seriously ill and you can’t work? What if you find yourself struggling financially at a time when money should be the last thing on your mind?

Here’s the bad news:

  • Men have a 1 in 4 chance of becoming seriously ill before the age of 65
  • Women have a 1 in 5 chance of becoming seriously ill before age 65
  • 80% of all insurers total claims paid out are for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke

Here’s the good news:

  • Claims are paid out fast than ever before
  • Lesser serious illness’s are paid are too and up to €15,000 per illness
  • 10% Discounts still available with a price pledge
  • Any claim you receive is a tax free lump sum to you
  • Major Insurers now cover up to 70 illness’s

A little goes a long way:

These the most popular levels of Serious Illness plans :

  • €30,000
  • €50,000
  • €100,000
  • €150,000
  • serious illness plans

List of providers

  • permanent tsb
  • aviva
  • caledonian life
  • irish life
  • new ireland assurance
  • piba
  • zurich


Susan carried out a review of our policy’s and realised we qualified for a claim under our existing cover – after I called the company seven months previous to be told we did not qualify. What a difference this made to our household.